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Hope's Chest, Inc.

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Adoptions and Fostering

Meet our Tragedies that are now Treasures!


Everyone Meet Ralphie. 2-3 year old Rottie/Lab mix?
He’s a sweet young man with a lot of love to give. Ralphie was brought to Hope’s Chest due to a severe leg injury and had to receive life saving surgery due to the infection that had set in to his front fore limb.
Ralphie is well on his way to being completely healed from his past injuries and is ready to start a new chapter in his life with a loving and caring family.

Ralphie adores his people and is a joy to have around. We do believe he is a tad too big for smaller children, and recommend a home for Ralphie with kids over 10 unless your child is a future linebacker.

Ralphie is untrustworthy off leash and requires a securely fenced yard. He would do ok with another dog friend but needs a meet and greet to be sure. He needs a home that is free of cats and small woodland creatures. Ralphie does have a high prey drive so we don’t think cats or small dogs would be a good fit for him at this moment.

Ralphie also would love to find an active family. Don’t let his 3 legs fool you, he still loves to go and do as much as anyone else.
He does seem to love our other amputee Captain and they play through the kennels all day together.
Ralphie is a special guy and needs a special family to match. If interested in fostering or adopting Ralphie, please fill out an application below or call us at 704-297-5123.



Meet our man in black, Johnny Cash or Cash for short.  He's a 1-2 year old lab mix and is currently with a foster loving the home life. His foster mom says that she has never seen a dog who wants to please someone as much as he does. He loves snuggles and laps and thinks he’s a small dog. He’s very well behaved and goes almost every day to the park to run. He gets along well with other dogs but doesn’t care much for the dark. He also loves the recliner and the king sized bed! A fenced back yard would be a big plus for him. He just wants to love everybody but he is a little shy at first especially around men. Don't you need a little country in your life?



Boxer & Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix“Captain” Hook is a sweet 1 year old boy who was possibly hit by a car when he was much younger. His front leg was very badly damaged and healed at a odd angle. We choose to amputate his damaged leg to give Captain a new lease on life and it doesn't slow him down at all. Captain is a young man and is still learning the rules. Bearing this in mind we feel a more experienced dog owner maybe best for him. Captain loves other dogs, but has a little to much energy for a cat to enjoy.


Raja a 4 month old kitten that came to us when he’s was only 8 weeks old with a fractured rear leg due to a possible encounter with a motor vehicle.
He’s completely healed, getting ready to be neutered and is ready to find a family to call his own. Please take me home with you.

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Are you possibly interested in adopting one of our "Hope's Chest" rescues?  

Are you interested in fostering one of our patients while 

they recover from their injury or medical condition?

Please email us at [email protected] 

and we will get you the necessary paperwork to 

begin the process of adoption or fostering.

Approval by our adoption committee will be required.  

We want to make certain that adoption with one of our rescues is the perfect fit.