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Hope's Chest, Inc.

...Pawsitively Paying It Forward!

Welcome to Hope's Chest, Inc.!

We want to take this opportunity to share our stories of 
homeless, neglected and abused animals that have 
come into our lives here at Hope's Chest Inc. 
and forever touched our hearts. 
We hope to inspire you to learn more
 about the effects of animal abuse and neglect. 

We are not your typical rescue but a unique organization
that focuses on providing medical and surgical care to animals referred to us
by Cleveland County Animal Control in Shelby, NC. 
Some of these homeless animals' stories are 
truly heartfelt, and most will certainly make you cry.  
But one thing is for sure.  
These animals will be unforgettable and touch you in some way.  

Our intention is to open your eyes.  
Animal abuse and neglect happen everyday.  
It is in every community whether we see it or not.  
Homeless animals are completely helpless and have 
no one to fight for them, to be their advocate.  
We, through Hope's Chest, intend to change this in our community.  

Help us by contributing to our medical fund to treat 
and hopefully save these beautiful "angels". 

And, of course, if one does touch your life, 
they may be available for adoption.  
Please check out our Facebook page for adoption profiles.

Our mission statement:

"Hope’s Chest Inc. is a non-profit organization in Cleveland County, N.C., that 

provides a range of critically important veterinary and related services 

for animals referred by Cleveland County Animal Control. 

These services include surgery and other medical care, fostering and adoption, 

educational programs and community outreach."


Rags to Riches...

Meet "Chance"...his previous owner was charged with cruelty. We rehabilitated and medically treated him through Hope's Chest!  Now, he is happy and in his "forever home"...loving life!!

And loving his new family!!

 Abuse & Cruelty is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

When we see the results of abuse and cruelty come through our doors, we can not ignore the heartless acts of humankind.  These animals need our help!!!!  And with your help we can....

Volunteers Needed!

When we help a homeless or abused animal, we need YOU to help US!  Volunteering to play, socialize, and train the many animals in our care will help us find them their "purr-fect family".  Any help is appreciated!

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened..."