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Mila Before

Mila was found by Cleveland County Animal Control in dire need of care. It was the coldest part of winter with temperatures in the teens and she had been abandoned with 8 new puppies and very little food or shelter. Tragically 7 of the pups died from exposure. Through medical care for her extreme emaciation and her tenacious will to live, Mila and her lone pup began to gain weight and become stronger.

Mila After

Mila's rough start left her leery of humans and other animals. As time went on, she let her guard down with humans and loved the attention they gave her. Unfortunately, she developed aggression towards other dogs due to being unsocialized. Mila spent two long years waiting for her 'furever' home. She has been introduced to formal training with the help of K9 Command. She is progressing tremendously. Mila is currently being groomed to potentially be a service dog for a Army veteran with PTSD. She is incredibly smart and has so much love to give. She is now in her loving, 'furever' home paying it forward helping her new Dad.

Saving Grace Before

When CCAC found this girl, they said it was a 'saving grace' that she survived... thus, her name, Saving Grace.She was found malnourished trying to feed a litter of pups and under-socialized. She had trust issues with humans and a fear of other dogs. Hope' Chest was able to help her slowly gain weight and help her to trust humans. After approximately 5 months, she was placed in foster care where she lived with other dogs and received canine socialization training. There she blossomed into the sweet, kissable Gracie that everyone has come to love.

Saving Grace After

Grace has been adopted by her foster mom who loves her with all her heart. She is now known more as "Princess Grace" because of her desire to greet and and give kisses to every human she meets in the community. She is now happy and health and volunteers as a Hope's Chest Ambassador attending events to help people understand how resilient these animals can be.

Bobbie Before

Bobbie arrived at Hope's Chest as a cruelty/neglect case from CCAC. She had been hit by a fire truck and had multiple fractures and nerve damage of the right front leg. The leg had to be amputated due to the severity of the injury but in no time she was running and playing like it never happened.

Bobbie After

Bobbie has been adopted by a wonderful family that gives her all of the love and attention she craves. She is a highly energetic girl that loves to run and play even with 3 legs. It just goes to show how adaptable and resilient animals can be after traumatic injury.

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