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In Memory Of "Hope"

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"Hope" was a very special rescue who came to me at a time when I needed her more than she needed me. In February 2004, she had been hit by a car, left on the side of the road and found by a Good Samaritan. When her owners were found, they had no means to financially treat her wounds... her injuries were severe and she needed her limb amputated. Euthanasia was her only option. But one look into her eyes and I knew she was supposed to be mine. So I decided to adopt her. I amputated her hind leg and took her home with me that night. Her recovery was amazing and everyday you could see determination and strength in her eyes. I never doubted that God had put her in my life for a reason. From the very first day we met, she was always by my side...she became my best friend.  

In June 2009, three weeks before I opened the doors of Hope Animal Hospital I gave Hope the gift of peace... I gave her beautiful soul back to God. After everything she had gone through... her automobile injuries, her leg amputation and learning to live the life of a handicapped dog...she developed bone cancer in her lower jaw. The cancer was aggressive and in six months, she gave me more than I ever thought imaginable. She lived each day for me. She never gave up. She tried to be as brave and strong as she could be. It truly amazed me that even with the pain that she was feeling; she continued to try and be my "Hope". I had rescued many animals before Hope and many more after. They all have a special place in my heart. But Hope will forever be the one that I know God put in my life for a reason. She helped me see that even when we go through difficult times in our lives, we should never give up. "If you have Hope, you can cope". That saying was why I named her Hope.

Thank you Hope for all that you gave me. Through you, I want to continue to give "hope" to homeless animals that need help. "Hope's Chest" was started in her memory. And it has helped so many more homeless animals who needed our help. I am proud to say that at the beginning of it all was a beautiful 3-legged Labrador.

-Dr. Deanna Moseley Lawrence, DVM

Dr. Lawrence began helping animals at our local humane society shelter (Cleveland County Humane Society), hurt or injured animals at Cleveland County Animal Control’s shelter, and several animals that came into her hospital that were homeless. During this time, Dr. Lawrence has been able to collect and use medications and donated bedding and supplies to help animals in need. Since Hope's Chest was officially created in October 2013, over 1,000 animals have received veterinary care!

Meet Our Lead Kennel Attendant!

August Alexander

Lead Kennel Attendant

A proud native of Cleveland County and a 2013 graduate of Crest High School, August brings her genuine love for animals to her role every day. Beyond her dedication to the well-being of furry friends, August is a devoted mother to two beautiful boys and a fiancée to a wonderful man. With a compassionate heart and a passion for helping animals, she found her calling at Hope Animal Hospital, joining the team in July 2021. Outside of work, August enjoys embracing the outdoors and cherishing quality moments with her family, making a positive impact both in and out of the kennels.


Our Mission

Hope's Chest, In.c is a non-profit organization in Cleveland County, NC., that provides a range of critically important veterinary and related services for animals referred by Cleveland County Animal Control. These services include surgery and other medical care, fostering and adoption, educational programs and community outreach.

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