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By choosing adoption at Hope's Chest, Inc., you're not only gaining a loyal companion but also giving a second chance to an animal in need. Join us in creating a world where every pet has a loving home. Start your adoption journey today and experience the joy of making a difference.

Our Angels


Meet Sherwin, a neutered 1-2 year old Husky/Lab/Collie mix whose journey from Cleveland County Animal Control to our shelter is a tale of triumph and resilience. He faced a challenging past that resulted in sever stress, causing him to vomit large volumes of blood. However, thanks to the unwavering care provided by the team at Hope Animal Hospital, Sherwin received the necessary medical treatment, defying the odds and now on the path to recovery!

Despite his past, he has a playful, high-energy nature, still refining manners and leash walking. Completely house and crate trained, Sherwin excels with other dogs but isn't fond of cats. He adores children and would flourish in a home with a fenced yard, showcasing his jumping skills and entertaining personality!


We are in search of someone special to provide him with the loving forever home he deserves. If you're ready to open your heart and home to Sherwin, get ready for endless joy and unforgettable moments with this resilient and goofy expression-wearing companion!



Meet Oreo, a charming 5-6 year old female Bully Breed Cross with a heart full of love! Brought into medical care at Hope's Chest, Inc., Oreo received excellent treatment for her front leg injury, never letting it slow her down. This sweet girl adores playing and making friends with everyone she meets, embodying the true spirit of joy.

In her ideal home, Oreo dreams of cuddling up to watch Disney movies, lounging by the pool, and enjoying campfire nights with her humans. While she may prefer a single-dog home, Oreo is fantastic with older children (over 10 years old) and doesn't mind feline friends. A fenced yard is a must for this playful pup who loves to run around.


Oreo, having been here with us the longest, is a brilliant and loving companion. Fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and on preventatives. She loves to sit and relax with you, and is completely house and crate trained. She loves her stuffed animals to cuddle and sleep with, and will sit by the door patiently awaiting for you to let her out. Oreo is all set for her forever home, and has a lot of love to give!


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